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Sharing Coupon, discount and promo codes in New Zealand and others.

1. Electric Kiwi (New Zealand only)

Invite your friends to join Electric Kiwi! $75 account credit for you both if they make the switch for power and broadband, or $50 if they join for power only.

2. WireBarley: International Money Transfer (international)

You will receive a $10 WireBarley coupon, offered only to the members who sign up by my invitation link!

3. Wise (formerly TransferWise): International Money Transfer (international)

A fee-free transfer up to NZ$900 when you sign up with my link.

4. Hawk Host Coupon, 40% off (international)

Please use my link here.

Check out other monthly specials: Current coupons

5. NameSilo: domains, cheap, easy and secure

Use my link here or below:

Use Coupons: thaitran to get a discount of $1.

6. Medium

7. Powershop

New Zealand power: If you use below link:

  • I will get $100 free power.
  • You will get $150 free power.



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